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1915 National Cash Register

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American. 1915. Brass. In 1908, National introduced a new numbering system that grouped their various designs into classes. This brass register, assembled in December 1915 (the end of the production of brass registers due to the war effort), is a model "452" from the 400 class and features the "empire pattern design" created by Tiffany. Due to the many features offered on registers in this class, they became a favourite among larger businesses such as department stores. Some of these features, to name a few, include a detail strip printer (for the business), a sales receipt printer (for the customer), special keys (such as "received on account", "charge" and "paid out"), and the ability to allow up to six different clerks, each with their own assigned key, to operate the machine. This example has a nickel-plated marquis, a wooden base and drawer and is supplied with two keys. SN 1545335. Currently, the register is jammed and will require service. As such, it's being sold on an “as is” basis as functionality of the various components and features could not be determined.Early repairs are evident to breaks in both ends of the coin shelf. In the past, the brass has been cleaned and polished and over time, has developed a nice patina. Horseless Carriage Museum, Fenelon Falls, Ont. 28 x 26 x 17".